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Github link: nonlocalheatequation

Documentation: nonlocalheatequation documentation


  • Pranav Gadikar (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)

  • Patrick Diehl (Louisiana State University)

  • Prashant K. Jha


This is a Google Summer of Code 2020 project. In this work, we carefully looked the challenges in development of distributed solvers for nonlocal interaction based models such as nonlocal diffusion equation and peridynamics. We propose methods to efficiently handle the increased data dependency (due to large-scale interaction) and balancing the load to minimize cpu idle time. For more details, see arXiv preprint. Lead developer of the project is Pranav Gadikar.

Prashant K. Jha
Prashant K. Jha
Research Associate

My research is driven by the application of mathematics and computational science to present-day relevant and challeng- ing problems. Specific areas of interest include mechanics of solids and granular media, computational oncology, and multiscale modeling.