BME 313L – Introduction to Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering (Fall 2021) #

Welcome #

In this website, you will find key information about the course such as syllabus, lecture slides, and assignments.

BME 313L Fall 2021 #

Instructor: Prashant K. Jha


Lecture time: MWF 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Lecture room: BUR 216, map: 2505 University Ave, Austin, TX 78712

Office hours: Tuesday, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Canvas course website: Canvas

Teaching assistant #

TA: Chungmin Han

Office hours: TBA

Learning assistant #

  1. Maria Amador (Office hours: TBA)
  2. Parth Malaviya (Office hours: TBA)
  3. Sung Jung (Office hours: TBA)
  1. Check for syllabus and grading details: Syllabus, Grading

  2. Canvas link to the course: TBA

  3. For group communication and online discussion, we will mainly use Canvas, however, I have also created a forum in gitter for this course. This is public forum and it is supereasy to join. Join gitter forum for this course here

  4. Lecture slides and assignments will be updated in both canvas and this github repository: BME 313L

Calendar #

See or import calendar using this link.