Free damage propagation with memory


We introduce a simple model for free damage propagation based on non-local potentials. The model is developed using a state based peridynamic formulation. The resulting evolution is shown to be well posed. At each instant of the evolution we identify the damage set. On this set the local strain has exceeded critical values either for tensile or hydrostatic strain and damage has occurred. For this model the damage set is nondecreasing with time and associated with damage variables defined at each point in the body. We show that energy balance hold for this evolution. For differentiable displacements away from the damage set we show that nonlocal model converges to the linear elastic model. We provide several numerical examples modeling fatigue and fracture.

Jul 25, 2018 12:00 AM
WCCM13 2018
New York, USA
Prashant K. Jha
Prashant K. Jha
Research Associate

My research is driven by the application of mathematics and computational science to present-day relevant and challeng- ing problems. Specific areas of interest include mechanics of solids and granular media, computational oncology, and multiscale modeling.