Virtual Thematic Conference (January 10 - 11, 2022) on Computational Oncology

With colleagues, Ernesto Lima and Chengyue Wu, at Oden Institute, we are organizing a virtual thematic conference on computational oncology. The event is supported by Biological Systems TTA in USACM. We have a greate lineup of speakers and very excited to bring experts in one platform to discuss the modeling and data related issues in modeling cancer.

We are seeking abstract for speakers. Abstract is due November 15! The link for the registration and other details about the conference is here. The screenshot of flyer is attached below. PDF file of flyer can be downloaded from this link.

Prashant K. Jha
Prashant K. Jha
Research Associate

My research is driven by the application of mathematics and computational science to present-day relevant and challeng- ing problems. Specific areas of interest include mechanics of solids and granular media, computational oncology, and multiscale modeling.